Let's bring your character to LIFE!



Alien Costume scent fragrance Spray

Little green men with little green parts. Xenomorphs with giant heads and skinny, slimy bodies. Travelers crash landing in Area 51. If any of them got all dolled up for their significant “the others”, they just might smell a little like this!


Included Notes; Moss, Metal, Bitters

Suggested Characters: Mollusk Queen (Final Fantasy), Sarah Kerrigan (StarCraft) .Alien, Predator (Aliens vs. Predator) .Scratch built extraterrestrials



If your mechanical character likes to hang out near the Uncanny Valley, you've found the scent for them. Smoother than clockwork, but no less synthetic, this clean, even smell will help make you seem a little less organic. Most androids we’ve polled have given this scent their approval, even if most of them don’t have noses.  You're more machine than man. 

This is ANDROID. 

Included notes: Fresh Air, Metals, and Rubber.

Suggested Characters: 9s and A2 (NieR Automata), Major (Ghost in the Shell), Project Ashe & Bladecraft Orianna (League of Legends), Synths (Fallout 4), Replicants (Blade Runner), Miku Hatsume (Vocaloid).



Jump off of the pages of comic books or out of Saturday morning cartoons with this fun and playful scent. This fragrance brings a new depth to an otherwise 2D character.  You're a real character. 

This is ANIMATED.  

Included notes: Mint, Anise, and Gum  

Suggested Characters: Cast of Scooby Doo, Jessica Rabbit (Roger Rabbit), Mario & Friends (Nintendo), Homestar Runner, Fairly Oddparents, South Park, Kim Possible.  



From Hemingway, to the Beast’s library, to the downtown racks of Dewey Decimal catalogs, this scent will hit you with a stack of books. Perfect for the author, or the props of said authors, it is so bookish!

This is AUTHOR.

Included Notes: Tears of frustrated Librarians, Books, Wood.

Suggested Characters: Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Elizabeth (Bioshock-Infinite), Jane Porter (Tarzan), Princess Susanna (Lolita Vivi Librarian), Newton Artemis Fido Scamander (Fantastic Beasts).



Everyone knows the scent of a car. Some people even crave that new car smell. Auto is that and more, because it’s a “new car turned into an old friend” fragrance that you need in your life. A little oily, and little greasy, and a whole lot of car. 

This is AUTO. 

Included notes: Gasoline/Oil, Steel, Rubber, and Leather.

Suggested Characters: Cindy Aurum (Final Fantasy XV), Blitzcrank (League of Legends), Megatron (Transformers), Overkill (Battlebots), Sisters of Battle (Warhammer 40k). 



Need to dial it back a few years and convince your fans that you might still be teething? This scent will make 

you "bounce in your crib"! 

This is BABY.

Included notes: Baby products, not real babies.

Suggested Characters: Cast of Rugrats



Whether you are a gladiator, knight, or a berserker, you’ve been through a lot and have seen even more. This dark, wounded, and tired scent evokes the exhaustion of fighting wave after wave of enemies, and will give your warrior an added layer of grit and believability.  You're going to war. 

This is BATTLE. 

Included notes: Dirt, Metal, and Musk

Suggested Characters: Aragorn & Gimli (Lord of the Rings), Jayce & Dark Valkyrie Diana (League of Legends), Reinhardt (Overwatch), Theon Greyjoy (Game of Thrones), Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn), Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy), Asmodian & Elyos (Aion), Norn Warrior (Guild Wars), Yuuki Asuna (Sword Art Online), Black Rose (.Hack), Goku (Dragonball), Knights, Samurai, or any other armored character that finds themselves in the clamor of hand-to-hand combat.  



It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a bird. Take flight with our feathered friends with this winged fragrance “of the sky”. Light, energetic, and just the right touch for an avian flair. 

This is BIRD.  

Included notes: Fresh Air, Teak, and Musk.

Suggested Characters: Hawkman/Hawkwoman (DC), Birdperson (Rick and Morty), Quinn & Bird of Prey Anivia (League of Legends), Ganymede (Overwatch), Big Bird (Sesame Street), Articuno (Pokemon), Howl's bird form (Howl's Moving Castle).  



Every mad scientist needs to stand out in the crowd. Been mixing in the lab all night? Need a scent so you can go out in public and test your creations on the unsuspecting population? This can help you out. Leave the lab supplies at home!

This is CHEMIST.

Included Notes: Hardware, old shelves, chemicals, and fire.

Suggested Characters: Walter White/Heisenberg (Breaking Bad), Rick (Rick and Morty), Moira, Dr. Junkenstein (Overwatch), Honey (Big Hero Six), Chemist (Final Fantasy Tactics), Singed (League of Legends).



Some clowns smell funny. All clowns should smell from whence they came; the circus! (Or the gutter grate) This easy to identify scent will lull your audience into a happy state, and leave them vulnerable to your “not for fun” side. 

This is CLOWN.

Included Notes: Balloons, Cotton Candy, Popcorn

Suggested Characters: Bozo, Pennywise (It), Krusty (The Simpsons), Shaco (League of Legends), Miku Hatsuni-Mechanical Clown, (Bocoloid), Ronald McDonald, Harley Quinn (Classic), Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal), JunkRat/Fool-Jester (Overwatch)



This greasy and mechanical fragrance will up your game in the costume world. Have that oil smell without the mess on you or your friends. 

This is DIESEL.  

Included notes: Diesel oil and Machinery.

Suggested Characters: Abyssal Nautilus (League of Legends), Big Daddy or Big Sister (BioShock), Fallout characters (especially those with power armor), Dieselpunk, casts of Wolfenstein, Mad Max, and Dishonored.  



Do you need to be “smelt”? Sorry, not sorry. This scent is purebred metal, great for armors and weapons, and helps ground your creation with iron and steel aromas. Makes your heavy metal sing a new tune.

This is FORGED.

Included Notes: All metal all the time and a little flame.

Suggested Characters: Oorn, Blacksmith Poppy (League of Legends), Power Armor (Fallout), Forged (Fallout 4), Iron Golem (Minecraft), Törbjorn (Overwatch), Alphonse Elrich (Fullmetal Alchemist), Gendry (Game of Thrones), Crusader (Diablo), Steampunk people and items.



Long nights, too much energy drink, too many computers. This scent comes straight from the geeks to the wannabes. Get your Brainiac in motion with this fragrance on your costume. 

This is GEEK.  

Included Notes: Musk, Machinery, and "Snacks".

Suggested Characters: Cyril Figgis (Archer), Ekko (League of Legends), Asuna & Kirito (Sword Art Online), Dwight (The Office), Sheldon (Big Bang Theory).  



Whether you’re an Old West cowboy or a space cowboy, this fragrance will compliment your costume and bring your viewers along for the ride. A little bit of leather and gun smoke, and they will know you are the real deal. 


Included Notes: Leather, Gunsmoke, and Moss.

Characters: McCree (Overwatch), Longhorn Alistar (League of Legends), John Marston (Red Dead Redemption), Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly), Man With No Name (The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly), Lone Ranger, Ocelot (Metal Gear Solid), Gunslinger (Dark Tower), Twisted Fate, Cowgirl Miss Fortune (League of Legends), Bayonetta, Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy), Sniper (Team Fortress 2), Woody (Toy Story). 



Unmistakable in form, the Harlequin character is impish and sly. This scent is adds back in the sweet to confuse your viewer and give you time to finish your dastardly deeds. Perfect for the jester or the girlie girl.


Included Notes: Black Licorice, Cherry

Suggested Characters: Harley Quinn, Harlequin, Harley, Dr. Harleen Quinzel.



The healer. Essential to every culture, every planet, and every realm. Whether you heal with touch, casts, emotions, or mind melds, you are a hero to all that you encounter. This scent brings clarity and wellness so all will be healed by your presence.

This is Healer.

Included Notes: Citron, Amber, Pineapple, Vanilla.

Suggested Characters: Mercy, Anna, Baptiste (Overwatch), Triss Merigold (Witcher), 

LIfeline (Apex)



A great prop scent, this is designed to help cover the casting smells on things that cast spells. Very mysterious and different, would also be good for nymphs and fairies who need a little more magic.


Included Notes: Magical Dust and Embers.

Suggested Uses: Props from Harry Potter, Witcher, Delilah Briarwood (Critical Role), Melisandre (Game of Thrones), Winifred, Sarah, Mary Sanderson (Hocus Pocus). Atsuko and Cast (Little Witch Academia).



Been really close to that grasshopper in the yard? Ever ask him what after shave he uses? Maybe he just naturally smells amazing and it gets him all the cute bug ladies. This fragrance works for anyone that just bugs. 

This is INSECT. 


Included Notes: Grassy and "Sharp".

Suggested Characters: The Tick, Antman (Marvel), Mantis (Marvel), Kha'Zix (League of Legneds), Sandy (Final Fantasy X), A Bug's Life characters.  



The detective at your door knows what to look for. And you know how he smells. A little leathery, and little pipe, and a touch of dashing. 


Included Notes: Leather, Pipe Tobacco, and Butterscotch.  

Suggested Characters: Nick Valentine (Fallout 4), Sherlock Holmes, Inspector Zenigata (Lupin III), Inspector Gadget.  



Everything we love about kids and everything we try to wash out all rolled into a fragrance. A little bubble gum, a little dirt, a little bit of summertime. When you have to smell like a gradeschooler and their gang, this is the perfect fit. 

This is KID.  

Included notes: Baby Powder, Bubble Gum, and Puppy Breath.

Suggested Characters: Annie (League of Legends), Finn (Adventure Time), Charlie Brown & gang (Peanuts), Dash (The Incredibles). 



What's that off the port side of the ship? Hard to say! It could be a menacing sea creature, or it could be... YOU, stealthily approaching your floating prey. If you could just... get... one... tentacle on the deck...

This is KRAKEN.

Included Notes: Ocean, Decay, Kelp, Fish.

Suggested Characters; Kraken, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Davy Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean), Sea Goddess.  


Money talks, and so do fragrances. This scent will tell people you’ve arrived, with a big wad of cas

Money talks, and so do fragrances. This scent will tell people you’ve arrived, with a big wad of cash to boot. Let your audience know that you’ve got it made.


Included notes: Moss, Money, and Merlot. 

Suggested Characters: Tiger Millionaire (Steven Universe), Bruce Wayne (DC), Richie Rich (Harvey Comics), Tony Stark (Marvel), Scrooge McDuck (Disney), Lex Luthor (Batman).  



Ninjas are deadly… and you need to show that your character is a loaded weapon unto himself. This scent is sophisticated and dangerous, just like the warrior wearing it. 

This is NINJA. 

Included notes: Patchouli, Sandalwood, and Peat.

Suggested Characters:  Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden), Hanzo (Overwatch), Irelia (League of Legends), Kasumi (Dead or Alive), Geki & Ibuki, (Street Fighter), Raven & Master Raven (Tekken), Taki, Natsu, (Soul Calibur), Sheik (Legend of Zelda), Cast of Naruto. Mechanical ninja characters (such as Overwatch's Genji or Metal Gear Solid's Cyborg Ninja and Raiden) may also consider using ANDROID. 



Ball gowns and goodness, a touch of royalty, and a dash of demure. This fragrance brings your costume that castle touch that says you reign. Very soft and very sweet, this scent is wonderfully balanced. 

This is PRINCESS.  

Included notes: Honeysuckle and Vanilla. 

Suggested Characters: Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones), Winafreya (Final Fantasy), Snow White, Cinderella, Tiana, Belle, Alice, Jazmin, Rapunzel (Disney), Belldandy (Oh, My Goddess!). 



Slither... scurry... cling... hang... there you are in all your scaly glory. From the prehistoric to the captivity of modernity, your time will come and you will rule again. 

This is REPTILE.

Included Notes: Dirt and Moss.

Suggested Characters: Reptile (Mortal Kombat), Crocodlie (One Piece), The Lizard (Spiderman), Gekko Moriah (Mysterious Four), Inflatable T-Rex.



Like clockwork. This fragrance adds even more metal to your metal. When you have to be as geared up as you can. 

This is ROBOT.    

Included notes: Rubber, Oil, and Metal.

Suggested Characters: Gundam, Robotech, Voltron, C-3PO, R2-D2, Robby the Robot (Forbidden Planet) , Robot (Lost in Space). 



Make way for the King! Make way for the Queen! Loftier and “older” than Princess, this scent regal and upper crust. Bring an air sophistication to your costume with this extra fancy fragrance. 

This is ROYAL.  

Included notes: Sandalwood, Freesia, Cotton.

Suggested Characters: Caetlyn Stark (Game of Thrones), Enira Banshee Queen (Lineage 2), Cersei Lannister (Game of Thrones), Queen of Hearts (Alice), Prince Charming (Cinderella, et al), Beast (Beauty), Legend of Zelda characters. 



Every person that has ever had to scavenge deserves to be noticed. They are a scrappy bunch, and know how to take care of themselves. This scent says you control your destiny, as long as you can find it. 

This is SCAVENGER.    

Included notes: Rubber, Dirt, and Fire.

Suggested Characters: Rey (The Force Awakens), Junkrat, Roadhog (Overwatch), Rikku (Final Fantasy).  



All athletes need this scent to help dissolve their costume fabrication odors. You could use your after shave, but why? This fragrance will give you a leg up on the competition. 

This is SPORT. 

Included notes: Musk, Lime, and Vetiver.  


Suggested Characters: Drax (Avengers), Silver Surfer (Marvel), Wolverine-without a shirt (X Men), Hulk (Avengers), Athletes.  



Steampunk, steam engines, steam boats, it’s the wave of the future. Or the past! This fragrance vaporizes you into a character that is water and heat powered. 

This is STEAM.  

Included notes: Metal and Steam.

Suggested Characters: Caitlyn & Hextech Anivia & Hextech Annie &  Orianna (League of Legends), Purah (Legends of Zelda), Gaige (Borderlands), Corki (League of Legends), Rocketeer, general Steampunk applications.  



Aye scallywag, any pirate worth his weight in gold needs to smell like a pirate. A little ocean, a little rum, and a lot of other vices rolled into a scent fit for a nasty seaman. 


Included notes: Rum, Ocean, and Gunpowder.

Suggested Characters: Jack Sparrow, (as well as a lot of the rest of the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean), Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Jaime Lannister (Game of Thrones), Riven & Sea Hunter Aatrox (League of Legends).   



Post-apocalyptic and victorious, this scent says you’ve taken care of business with everything you have. If your character needs to say, “I’m a survivor”, this is where you land. 

This is VETERAN.   

Included notes: Metal, Dust, and Gunsmoke.

Suggested Characters: NCR Ranger (Fallout), Master Yi (League of Legends), Ana (Overwatch), Lara Croft (Tomb Raider), Cammy ,  Chun Li (Street Fighter), Cast of Walking Dead.  



The final frontier may be for everyone else, but you know from experience there is more to explore. You’ve seen the cosmos from every side. This is VOYAGER.

Included notes: "Space Dust". Metal

Suggested Characters: Soldier 76 (Overwatch), Rick (Rick and Morty), Rei (Neo Genesis Evangelion), Star Commander Janna (League of Legends),  Commander Shepard (Mass Effect), Samus Aran (Metroid), Chell (Portal), Buzz Lightyear, LaunchPad McQuack, Flash Gordon.



Good magic, bad magic, and all the magic in between, this scent will keep your audience guessing how you did it.  

This is WAND. 

Included notes: Brimstone, Metal, and Wine. 


Suggested Characters: Saruman, Gandalf (Lord of the Rings), Prestigious LeBlanc (League of Legends), Cast of Harry Potter, Necromancer (Diablo), Cleric (Aion), Akko (Little Witch Academia).



More fur than you know what to do with? This musky scent says you are all animal.

This is WOOLIE.  

Included notes: Wood, Musk, and Dragon's Blood.

Suggested Characters: Alistar & Heimerdinger & Rumble & Ahri  (League of Legends), Chewbacca & Ewoks (Star Wars), Rocket (Guardians of the Galaxy), Jake (Adventure Time),  Dogmeat (Fallout).