Let's bring your character to LIFE!

FRIGHTENING and SCARY character? Up your smelliness game.



Sometimes your cosplay has to smell worse than when you started. We can help with that too. HORROR is sickly, giving characters an ominous and grotesque edge. Fear The Death Stench. 

This is HORROR.

Included notes: Soil, Blood, Zombie

Suggested for Characters from: Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul, Elfen Lied, Another, Corpse Party.



Eating buildings, eating people, hiding under beds, hiding in closets, waiting for your prey in the darkness, you need a fragrance that has never been smelled before. Your audience can run, but they'll still be dinner. 

This is MONSTER.  

Included notes: Musk, Dirt, and Dragon's Blood.

Suggested Characters: Cho'Gath (League of Legends), Dr. Mundo (League of Legends), Supermutants (Fallout), Kirin, Akantor (Monster Hunter), Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul),  Monsters. Alien, Predator, Wolfman.  



Not yet promoted to Zombie, you may or may not have found your end-game quite yet. Not as dark and gross as its brain-eating brother, you simply have been reanimated back to the living, and you got somethin’ to prove. But before that, you could use a good bath, because, ew.


Included Notes: Kelp, Poo, and Musty Air.

Suggested Characters- Vax’ildan (Critical Role), Undead (World of Warcraft), Karthus, Amumu, Ergot, (League of Legends), Lich King (World of Warcraft), The Lich (Adventure Time), White (Game of Thrones), Ring Wraith (Lord of the Rings).



No bones about it (OK, you know we had to do it), if you want a bone/chilling-rattling-breaking scent, this one has you (un)covered. Unlike anything else in the line, this less-than-fleshly scent is dry and brittle, and perfect to convince your viewer you are merely a bag o’ bones. 


Included Notes: Dust, dust, and a little warm, dust.

Suggested Characters- Skeletor (Masters of the Universe), Jack Skellington (Nightmare before Christmas), Red Skull (Avengers),Wraithguard (Warhammer), Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul), Ainz Ooal Gown (Overlord), Sans, Papyrus (Undertale), Elias Ainsworth (Ancient Magus Bride), White (Game of Thrones) Dry Bones (Mario).



Spooky apparition? Friendly neighborhood haunt? Full-on poltergeist? If you need to trade other scents for “other-worldly” one, Spectre can be the key that opens the already creaky door. Designed to give a vapory feel to your costume, this works when you need to “waft” in and out of this world.

This is SPECTRE.

Included Notes: Dust, Black tea, and Magic.

Suggested Characters- Spectre, Silk Spectre (Watchman), Danny Phantom (Danny Phantom), Napstablook (Undertale), Casper (Casper the Friendly Ghost), Ghost *type (Pokemon), Spectre Knight (Shovel Knight), Thresh, Spectre Zed (League of Legends).



Decidedly absent of garlic, this dark and creepy scent is derived from metals and moss, giving it a drippy, bloody, tinge. Not a gross smell, just a, “Team Edward” sort of scent that reminds you to stay out of the sun.

This is VAMPIRE.

Included Notes: Moss, Metal, Dirt, Air.

Suggested Characters- Edward (Twilight), Bella Lagosi’s Dracula, Arystar Krory (D. Gray Man), Silas Briarwood (Critical Role), Evelynn (League of Legends), Demiurge, Shalltear Bloodfallen (Overlord), Haunted Dark Bridal (Diabolik Lovers).



Whatever they're being called, and however they came to be that way, one thing is certain: The undead should smell awful. If people dare to get close enough to you to catch a whiff of your character, they need to be rewarded. 

This is ZOMBIE. 

Included notes: Rotting Flesh, Vomit, and Kelp.

Suggested Characters: Little Sister (BioShock), Zombie Brand (League of Legends), Zombines (Half Life), Flood (Halo), anything dead or decayed that still moves.