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Hitbox Workshop



When Duft werks first sent me the VETERAN fragrance I was a little skeptical about adding scent to my costuming. But I kept an open mind and actually wore the stuff on multiple occasions; and the longer I wore it, the more and more I could pick out the familiar smells of spent brass, welding shops, cold steel, and cordite from a time long ago.

I would recommend considering a Duft Werks scent for your alter ego. If you are well known for a costume or passionate about having your cosplay look and feel like it just jumped out of the story and in to real life, why not use another Human Sense to make that happen?



Brazen & Bold Productions



DIESEL- MMM, this smells like a car workshop. That’s nice. Oily, like diesel fuel smells. I like this one. If you want to give your costume that little extra something, that you didn’t even know was missing, I’d suggest you check these guys out. They have a wide variety. I think you could find one that suits your taste. Considering how bad you could smell after a couple of hours in a costume, I think this could be a real improvement. 



Carlos Blanchard



I have to say when I saw these I was immediately intrigued by what Ninja smelled like. Having tried it, I was not disappointed one bit.


Holly Gloha



The PRINCESS scent spoke most to me for some reason. I absolutely adore the scent and the concept that led to the development of this product! They offer a line of fragrances that are cosplay friendly ( won't stain your Fabrics or Armors ) and thematically fit your character. They've got an insane variety of scents ranging from feminine princess styles all the way to somehow capturing the smell of gears and armor! I absolutely love the idea, and the sense of realism it will add to your cosplay.



Alchemical Cosplay



“An awesome product! A super brilliant idea…scents for your cosplay!! They come in a huge variety that are designed to compliment all kinds of costumes, from Anime characters to Zombies. I tested it on cotton, spandex, unpainted AND painted EVA foam, spray painted & acrylic painted props, and a wig! It works super great on textiles, and didn’t stain or permanently mark any of them. One of my favorite things about Duftwerk sprays is that they’re not completely overwhelming like some spray scents I’ve tried. I could easily spray this inside a helmet or mask and wear it without giving myself a headache, and misting it all over a wig or a garment left a really beautiful scent behind for over 24 hours.



Sayakat Cosplay



I received an interesting product from Duft Werks, cosplay scents! They don't harm the paint job on costume and props, and if you are into things that smell good, I'd go check them out. SPACE smells....well, sort of spacey, metallic almost, but not in a bad way.



Steven K. Smith Props


 Fragrances for Cosplay and Theater. To complete the overall costuming experience, instead of smelling like spray paint.




(first sniff of FROST)..."Ohh, Ohhhhhh! Oh my God. I can totally picture it, it's perfect. It's Elsa!! It's called Frost. It smells like snow on a Christmas morning. I'm literally never wearing a costume again without one of these"  (See live Twitch unboxing- https://www.twitch.tv/videos/209344501)



Leah Stevo


  The hype is real......I really, really like the idea of an aroma other than paint varnish or CON STANK to add authenticity/dimension to a Cosplay. I tested them on 5 surfaces, there was zero discoloration or damage, and it was detectable about 2.5' away for 8 hours.


Evil Ted



“This flamethrower is really cool, but a flamethrower would SMELL like a flamethrower. You want it to smell like SMOKE. (After spraying..) Oh, my gosh, this is AWESOME! 


“You’re at a Con and people say, ‘Do I smell Smoke?’ Yes, you do, because I just got done incinerating a bunch of aliens with this bad boy.”


“You can not only make your costume look cool, you can make it smell like you want it to smell like…pretty darn cool. This is awesome, check out Duft Werks.”





 You have a great product and a very unique idea. I selected Princess, it's so sweet and flowery and totally will enhance my looks.



Sara Moni


 I tried Voyager for something fresh and sci-fi like, that I think Gamora would approve of! Goodbye odd, waxy body paint and synthetic wig scent-Hello cosmic clean!




 Duft Werks fragrances-the product that's making waves in the cosplay scene! I love the idea of really selling my characters. Gunslinger's eau de leather and gun smoke is going to be perfect for my Fallout 4 Vault Suit, debuting this year at ECCC 2018.




  I chose Gunslinger. This is perfect for any Western or Steampunk costume. I actually just opened it and sprayed it. Me and my girlfriend said at the same time "Wow!!, it smells like leather." Really awesome!


Meisha Mock


  Fellow costumers! I just tried Duft Werks spays, and I love it! I love the packaging. I adore the smells. They're beyond stunning. You do such a great job mixing the fragrances to smell magical. Scavenger is my favorite, perfect for my wasteland costumes.



Fred & Elle Designs


We were impressed by how many layers each scent had. Scavenger- definitely smelled of someone who had spent their time scavenging for armor, supplies, and food in a Middle-Earth-type world. Maverick- I have to admit right up front, I LOVE THIS SCENT!! It is both light AND deep, it was selected for my Frost Mage, and it is what I think magic would smell like. Mercenary-for those of us cosplayers who use foam to recreate leather, you MUST have this scent in your toolbox. 

(Read entire blog at- https://fredandelledesignscom.wordpress.com/2017/12/28/smell-like-a-hero/?preview_id=409&preview_nonce=2f59e0a493&post_format=standard&_thumbnail_id=413&preview=true


Steff Von Schweetz



“They specialize in “smells” to make your costume seem more accurate. 

Smoke- Ohh! This is really interesting. It honestly smells smoky. This is nuts. I want to spray it on my entire Bakugo costume! If you’re going for authenticity and something really fun at a Convention, I’d say hop on board the Duft Werks train. Now I just to go to a Convention and have people smell me. “Hi, my name is Steff Von Schweetz, can you sniff me?” 10 out of 10 of the Smoke Scent, I had no idea what to expect, but this exceeded all expectations.”



Zalora Cosplay



I was expecting my nose to be assaulted, like how Fabreeze tends to after I use that.  But I found the scents mild and not overpowering. I definitely see myself using these in the future, since they work really well, and I am enjoying both scents. (Meadow, Android)