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Matching your scent to your character creates realism and fun for your audience!



Yennefer perfume. Quest of Gooseberries and Lilacs. Geralt's favorite scent. The Witcher fragrance.

Our best seller both nationally and internationally. It's fragrant, tart, alluring, and just what every Yennefer needs.


Ashe Mandalorian Eastwood McCree Western Cowboy Han Solo Leather Gunsmoke Marston Bayonetta

Leather and Gunsmoke bring this scent to life for your favorite outlaw, western, space, or underworld. Gritty and wonderful. 

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Welcome to the next level in Cosplay costuming!

You have crafted the perfect costume that completes your vision. Well done! Now, wouldn't you rather have it smell like your character's occupation, domain, or history, as opposed to spray paint, foam, glue, sizing, or fiberglass? 

Duft Werks has crafted over 110 scents and fragrances to help rectify "aroma" issues with your costume and add the right scent to your vision. Allow your character for have their own unique perfume and let us help you bring your costume up a level with a scent that matches your creation.

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Getting Your Scents

Fragrances come in a 30ml dark glass, fine spray bottle. You can apply the scent to your cosplay, prop, or costume to make it as strong or as mild as you want. You can even mix scents to get a more custom aroma for your needs. Click on the categories above to find what fits!

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Each bottle is $12.75

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